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Dedicated to the implementation of open innovation collective intelligence collaboration exploration diversification

The meeting point between different cluster agents creating new solutions sharing knowledge and experiences

Miembros del cluster

We are a non-profit organization for the Home sector

ACEDE is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing innovation and exploration in the home sector, in collaboration with the industry market that develops solutions, systems and components

The cluster is part of the innovation ecosystem of the MONDRAGON Corporation

We design and promote innovation projects collaborating with companies from the cluster through co-creation

We coordinate collaborative innovation projects from their earliest phases. We explore new innovation perimeters together with our partners with the aim of improving the competitiveness and development of associated companies. We have a clear orientation towards the market and the consumer, and we generate added value through innovation.

We facilitate and guide the management of exploration accounts so that risks are minimized

Reunión whigo lab innovación colectiva

We develop our activity in 4 areas:

We weave opportunities in the domestic cooking sector to devise new solutions for the kitchens.

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New opportunities to reduce energy consumption, take advantage of existing resources and promote component circularity.

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Solutions that promote ecosystems of care and accessibility to improve the quality of life and well-being.

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Open innovation also opens opportunities in other sectors beyond the home sector.

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Meet our multidisciplinary team that combines social, technological, economic, innovation and project management experience and knowledge.

Xabier Gorritxategi Retolaza

Eñaut Iturbe Anduaga

Eukene Barrenetxea Larrañaga

Leire Zelaia Arrese

The European Union Innovation Radar has identified ACEDE as a key innovative agent for the design and development of participation methodologies in the H2020 SmartEnCity project.


The cluster brings together agents that implement open innovation in the context of economic promotion in the Home sector.


Throughout our history we have collaborated with different companies, institutions and organizations. With them we have developed innovative solutions, shared knowledge of different areas