The kitchen, a key area of the ACEDE Cluster

The kitchen, a key area of the ACEDE Cluster

The domestic kitchen is a key area of the ACEDE Cluster. Among the roles that ACEDE plays in this area, 3 are highlighted in order of importance:

  • Exploring markets, products and technologies and developing new solutions.
  • Articulate knowledge of cooking companies to generate collective knowledge.
  • Transfer knowledge of domestic cooking to related sectors such as gastronomy.

Explore markets, products, technologies and develop new solutions.

Under the LABE initiative, a strategy for the development of digital gastronomy promoted by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, in 2018 we deployed SZukaldatzen Lab, a platform for innovation in domestic cooking, exploring and developing new digital solutions in collaboration with different companies in the cluster. This has given rise to different solutions such as the Accessible Connected Kitchen and the Accessible Connected Oven, worktop and oven solutions respectively that allow people with visual impairments to cook safely and autonomously.

There are other developments that are not yet publishable because they are undergoing intellectual protection, but are gradually contrasted with the commercial departments of companies in our innovation garage. Here we gradually adapt them to the market and stimulate fresh ideas for possible further advances. In some cases, we have also taken the concept of testing to the clients’ own facilities.

Articulating the knowledge of the kitchen sector companies to generate collective knowledge

Manufacturing industries treasure technological, industrial and market knowledge. In 2017, the WHIGO CIR (White Goods Collective Intelligence Radar) initiative was created with the aim of bringing together knowledge from different industries to obtain a global picture of the market and its trends, and be able to anticipate decisions in the face of market changes. This Radar is complemented by the vision of other cross-sector emerging futures captured from H-Enea’s antenna, CIR Futures. This same exercise is carried out in the field of companies in the domestic laundry sub-sector.

Transfer knowledge of domestic cooking to related sectors such as gastronomy.

In 2019, SutanTEK was launched, a collaboration to detect unmet needs within the hospitality sector together with AEHG and Labe Digital Gastronomy Lab. On this basis, more sessions and contrasts have been carried out, which have turned into functional prototypes highly valued by all the parties involved. The objective was to create new solutions based on demand. In view of the good results and the synergies achieved, this initiative is still open today.

We will continue to share our progress in our Blog!