Welcome to the new ACEDE Cluster website.

Welcome to the new ACEDE Cluster website.

ACEDE is an agent and innovation driver oriented to explore future solutions for households by being a node of innovation for the industry developing components systems and solutions related to the home sector. Xplora is ACEDE’s support service and favorize open innovation experiences that activate internal and external, new alliances. This is achieved by promoting collaboration spaces that encourage project development from the most embryonic phases, in exchange for an inversion of contained investment of resources and the minimisation of risk.

The company’s Cluster ACEDE works in 3 areas: cooking, sustainability and health and longevity.

The most prominent of the three is the kitchen. This sector incorporates component manufacturers such as Copreci, Eika and Orkli. It is estimated that 500 million of the world’s kitchen products have components manufactured by these cooperatives. In this sector there is a substantial concentration process, driven and dominated by new actors coming from emerging markets. In this “commodity” race, we are fighting with companies from countries with a different type of competitiveness. Not only because of labour, which is much cheaper and increasingly skilled, but also because of state aid and other aspects such as taxation, inflation, energy costs, etc. Consequently, we must aim to offer more productive, comprehensive solutions providing technological value based on the knowledge of function, and planning ways to make things differently. If we focus solely on components we will compete on price and this path is clearly limited.

The sustainability area is represented by different companies, among them we have Orkli, specialist in household comfort and international leader in gas security systems. Or others such as Ekitermik that offers services and facilities on energy efficiency for households and businesses. In the field of sustainability there is also Sareteknika and Emaus Foundation, both of them focused on projects built around the management of circularity of components.

Lastly, we present the area where we have been collaboratively researching and investigating in through multiple initiatives for more than a decade, the area of health and longevity. In-depth knowledge of services needed for the household of the future will help us define different solutions adapted for this demographic.

Another distinctive aspect of the Cluster is H-ENEA Living Lab, ACEDE’s laboratory. A valuable space for dialogue with users, associations, foundations and public entities, H-ENEA is a facility where innovations generated within ACEDE are contrasted, and the experimentation and learning for all team members continuously enabled.

We hope you find it interesting!